My Heart Check

My Heart Check estimates your heart age and shares tips to help improve your heart health. My Heart Check doesn’t offer medical advice. Please talk to your doctor if you're worried about your heart.

My Heart Check is designed for people aged between 30 and 75. You can use it if you are older or younger than this, but your results may not be as accurate.

If you think you have heart attack symptoms, call 111 now.
  • My Heart Check calculates your heart health score and your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. It is based on guidelines published by the Ministry of Health using New Zealand data.
  • This tool is not for anyone who has had a heart attack, stroke or has a heart condition – if this is you, ask your doctor for advice about your heart health.
  • The tool collects information from you and uses this to calculate your heart health score.
  • We delete any identifiable information about you once we have provided you with your score, and use de-identified information to analyse and improve the tool’s performance.
  • You don’t have to answer all the questions, but if you don’t this will make your score less accurate.
Read our privacy statement to find out how My Heart Check manages and uses your private information.
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Your biological sex affects your risk of heart disease. If you'd rather not say, your result will be less accurate.
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Why is this needed?
Ethnicity can affect heart health. Select ‘Other’ if your ethnicity isn’t listed
Why is this needed?
People in some parts of New Zealand have better heart health than in others. We won’t store or share your address.
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Blood pressure test results are shown as two numbers, for example 120/70
In this example, the first (or top) number is "120" representing the systolic blood pressure.
Type in your systolic (first or top) number here.
Note: you must enter your cholesterol ratio NOT your total cholesterol. If you don't know or you’re not sure, leave this empty.

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